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chattr is use to change file attributes on a Linux file system.

The format of a symbolic mode is +-=[acdeijstuADST].

The operator ‘+’ causes the selected attributes to be added to the existing attributes of the files; ‘-’ causes them to be removed; and ‘=’ causes them to be the only attributes that the files have.

The letters ‘acdeijstuADST’ select the new attributes for the files:

  • append only (a)
  • compressed (c)
  • no dump (d)
  • extent format (e)
  • immutable (i)
  • data journalling (j)
  • secure deletion (s)
  • no tail-merging (t)
  • undeletable (u)
  • no atime updates (A)
  • synchronous directory updates (D)
  • synchronous updates (S)
  • top of directory hierarchy (T).


Make a file immutable

Making a file immutable means it cannot be changed.

$ chattr +i <filename>

Remove file immutable

$ chattr -i <filename>

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